MT1200 Series Media Gateway

MT1200 -Serie, entwickelt von Maipu ist ein Netzwerk-Media-Gateway, welches Netzwerk , Multimedia, Speicherung, Sicherheit und Ortung integriert. Es ist das Kernprodukt des iMedia intelligent-media-service-System . Die MT1000 -Serie und MS8000 -Server bilden die komplette Lösung für das iMedia -System.

MT1200 nimmt die High-Definition-Multimedia-Spieleplattform und spielt die Programme mit Sicherheit und Kontrolle nach der kundenspezifischen Programmliste . Es kann in der Anzeige (LCD, Werbebildschirm, usw.) installiert werden und kann auch an den Fernseher, Monitor und Werbemaschinerie über die Schnittstelle verbunden werden. Dies ermöglicht dem Anzeigegerät Zugang zur intelligenten Abspielfunktion. MT1200 unterstützt Ethernet und Wi-Finetwork Schnittstellen , Multimedia-Schnittstellen ( HDMI, VGA, AV) , Speicherschnittstelle ( TF-Karte) , interaktive Mensch-Maschine-Schnittstelle ( Infrarot-Fernbedienung ), Systemfunktionen ( Schutz gegen Diebstahl , Fehlerdiagnose , Position, Temperatur usw.)



Key Features

  • Online pushing advertisement function
    Get rid of the traditional offline mode to restore the advertisement information. Once some advertisements need to be replaced, it should be done manually on the spot, which cannot ensure the timeliness and accuracy. Moreover, in many places, the staff for replacing is different and as a result, replacing the advertisement fails. Therefore, Maipu media gateway supports getting the advertisement information online and the administrator just needs an operation platform to update the advertisement information for the media gateways of all places, ensuring the consistency of the played advertisements.
  • Support various access types
    Maipu media gateway can get the advertisement programs via Wi-Fi accessand Ethernet line access, meeting the deployment of various application scenarios.
  • Diversified advertisement content formats
    No need to worry about whether the screen format is compatible and whether to support the processing of the picture and textinformation. Maipu media terminal integrates various content formats, so as to play video, text, and picture on one terminal, ensuring the convenience of user management and maintenance.
  • Virtual storage technology
    It adopts the memory virtual technology of TFcard interfaceletting the memory of the device be virtualized. The technology realizes the storing of the local media information. When the network is disconnected, it does not affect the play of the advertising media.
  • Support high-definition media play
    We do not need to worry the display video effect, affecting the user experience. Maipu media terminal adopts the advanced H264 code technology to support high-definition video play, bringing in the immersive feeling.

Technical Specifications


MT1200 Series Media Gateway





Product Configuration



Ethernet Interface




Basic Flash

4G, can extend to 32G by TF card

TF Slot


VGA Interface


HDMI Interface


AV Interface


USB Interface


Key Features

Media Contents

Video(Support MPG/MP4/AVI/MPEG-2 PS/TS etc.)

Picture(Support BMP/JPG/PNG etc.)

Audio(Support MP3/WAV etc.)





Background Picture

Remote Control

Remote Turn Off and On

Remote volume control

Remote Upgrade and Reboot

Abnormal alarm

Display stop and recovery

Remote screen shot

Program list renew and download


Classification authority:

Content editing authority

Content auditing authority

Advertisement Broadcasting authority

Cloud Services

Multi user platform

Hierarchical deployment

Multimedia cloud service lease


Remote cloud unified management

Infrared controllerlocal configuration

Physical indexes

Dimension (W × D × H)


Power supply

Input voltage

AC to 12V DC Adaptor

Power Consumption


Environment parameters

Working temperature


Working humidity

10-90% non-condensing



Order Information

Product Model


MT1200 Indoor Series


Support HDMI, VGA, AV Video Inputs, One RJ45 Interface, One TF Extension Slot, 1 USB Interfaces, AC Power Supply


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